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CERIDAP Journal promotes debate and information on the law of public administrations. Academics, scholars and professionals, legal practitioners and not, can send a contribution in the form of an essay, or a report of sentence, or other relevant documents.

The contributions published on CERIDAP are divided into three categories:

  • articles: unpublished contributions, usually no less than 6000 characters in length (notes and blank spaces included) in which theses on issues pertaining to the law of public administrations are exposed. They must be scientific contributions, which correspond to criteria of originality and methodological rigor;
  • reviews and comments: contributions not exceeding 6000 characters in length, of a descriptive, compilation or in any case of a purely exegetical nature, aimed at informing the scientific community of elements relevant to the law of public administrations;
  • short notes: contributions of a length usually not exceeding 6000 characters in length, of a descriptive kind and/or of a purely exegetical nature, aimed at informing the scientific community about topics relevant to public administration law

Sending a contribution, be it an article, a report or a comment, presupposes adherence to the journal’s code of ethics and its uniformity with the editorial criteria. Contributions are subjected to a single blind peer review. No fee whatsoever is applied to publish a contribution on CERIDAP, which is therefore to be qualified as an open-access-diamond Journal.

By sending a contribution, the Author grants the Publisher the right to publish the contribution. In addition, the Author grants the Publisher the Copyright of the contribution on a non-exclusive basis and the rights to third parties to use the contents of the contribution freely and free of charge according to the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. (CC-BY-4.0).

The editorial criteria are indicated in the Word file (.docx) which can be downloaded from the link at the bottom. All submissions must strictly use the Word styles (Body Text, Title 1, Title 2, etc.) and the formatting indicated therein.

Authors who do not yet have publications on this Journal must also send a short CV (about 200-300 characters) and a profile photo.

Contributions can only be sent via the form below. Contributions are not received by e-mail.

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Before submitting a contribution, please read the above instructions carefully.