Review Process

In order to guarantee a high standard of scientific quality for CERIDAP’s publications, all contributions sent (generally through the form found on the Journal website – are first examined by the Editor in Chief of CERIDAP who, with the support of the members of the Editorial Board and of the Advisory Board, can suggest to the authors (especially in the case of young scholars and researchers) any additions and/or enrichments to be made before sending them to external referees.

All contributions submitted for publication are also subject to automatic verification by a plagiarism checker software.

This preliminary activity is tracked by the Editor in Chief, by the Editorial Board Coordinator and by the Editorial Staff Coordinator.

In order to fully satisfy the parameters for the scientific evaluation currently required, the contributions to be published are also systematically submitted to an external peer-review, for which a special “Referee Committee” of experts from outside the Journal’s governing bodies has been created to  usually accomplish this task. The “Referee Committee” is composed of experts selected among Italian and foreign university professors in the disciplinary and scientific fields covered by the journal.

Each contribution published on CERIDAP is submitted to the evaluation of at least one external  Referee, chosen usually, but not exclusively from among the members of the “Referee Committee”. This is to ensure that the review is always carried out by someone with the appropriate expertise to carry it out properly.

The external evaluation takes place as “single-blind-peer-review”:  reviewers may know the identity of authors, but authors  never  know the identity of reviewers. The identity of the reviewers is known only to the Editor in Chief, the members of the Editorial Board, the Editorial Board Coordinator and to the member of the Editorial Staff who is indicated as the person in charge of the Review process and is not revealed by them at any time, neither to third parties, nor to the author of the paper (without prejudice, of course, to any mandatory disclosure obligations).

The reviewers are in turn bound to keep their work secret.

The secrecy of the identity of the reviewers, even in the case of a positive judgment, is a guarantee of their greater independence of judgment.

In specific cases, in order to be able to guarantee the quick publication of an extremely topical paper, the evaluation of the contribution can also be carried out only by the Editor in Chief. This will be reported with a special note inserted on the first page of the contribution itself.

Again on an exceptional basis, on the proposal of the Editor in Chief accepted by the Editorial Board, the contributions of authors of recognized scientific authority can be published without prior peer-review, without prejudice to the Editor in Chief ‘s responsibility on the matter.