Jacques Ziller

Professore ordinario di Diritto dell’Unione europea all'Università di Pavia

The reasoning of the German Constitutional Court judges to prohibit the Bundesbank from buying Sate securities on the secondary market if the ECB does not demonstrate within three months the proportionality of its decisions under the PSPP programme is not sustainable. Instead, the judges, who demonstrate unfounded intellectual arrogance in their claim to interpret EU law, make manifest errors in applying the principle of proportionality to the delimitation of competences between the Union and the Member States. They also make methodological errors in their application of the principle of proportionality to ECB decisions, while highlighting their prejudices in the field of monetary and economic policy.

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Coronavirus mascherina Duomo Milano

In questa nota vengono presentate risposte ad alcune domande sul rapporto tra Unione Europea e Italia in questo primo periodo di crisi provocato dalla pandemia del coronavirus.

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