Juan G. Corvalán

Director of the Multidisciplinary Training Program in Data, Programming and Artificial Intelligence and of the "Laboratorio de Innovación e Inteligencia Artificial" (IALAB UBA) at Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA)


Prometea is an artificial intelligence created in Argentina within the scope of the Innovation and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the School of Law of the University of Buenos Aires and the Public Prosecutor's Office of Buenos Aires, with the main goal of accelerate bureaucratic processes and free up time for the analysis of complex cases. Its biggest milestone is to predict a solution to a court case in less than 20 seconds, with a 96% success rate. Furthermore, it is able to identify urgent cases –within large volumes of files– in just 2 minutes, which would normally take a human being 96 days. Taking advantage of this AI, while working to consolidate Digital Governments and universal ICT access, we aspire to promote a transition towards a new archetype of public organizations that will make them exponential.

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